Payday Loans Payday Loans

Stockholm Public Library
April 10th, 2006

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Client: Stockholm Public Library (Competition)

Principal in charge: Robert Levit

Team: Robert Levit, Alan Tse, Yusef Frasier

This project, a competition entry, was for an addition to Gunnar Asplund’s great Stockhom Public Library. The Competition raised a challenging question: how to make an addition to a canonical work of architecture, much less an addition that trebles the size of the original. In thinking through the question of addition we recognized our own objection to strategies of addition that treat the past as a set of museum pieces in need of protetion from intrusions of the contemporary city. We think back to cities before the 20th century crises that put the survival of the past in jeopardy, and back to times before the advent of 19th century nostalgia for history and admire in these earlier times the sense that…