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IDS Installation
November 22nd, 2011

Interior Design Show Installation Proposal
Summer 2011

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Principals in Charge: R. el-Khoury and R. Levit

Design: Zachariah Glennon

For the entrance of IDS we propose to encase the escalators in a luminous shell. The two-layered tubular shell consists of nested rotational paraboloids whose lines are made from strands of fibre-optic filaments. The complexity of a curvature that is made through the combination of straight lines makes for a visual and cognitive experience that permits immediate understanding while creating an ineffable effect that resists this easy grasp. We animate this construct with the application of proprietary responsive technology and techniques we have developed for constructing immersive and interactive environment by means of fiber-optic filaments. They serve to produce intricately shaped spaces and multi-sensory effects with quasi-immaterial means: ultra-thin cables and light.