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Khoury Levit Fong Discussing Crystal Sun on SHIFTboston Blog
March 11th, 2013

Shift Boston Blog

“We would like to congratulate Robert Levit and Rodolphe el-Khoury as their proposal ‘Crystal Sun’ has been selected as the winner of the GLOW 2012 Competition! Both Robert and Rodolphe are partners at Khoury Levit Fong.

Robert and Rodlphe are working on the second phase of Crystal Sun  with engineering consultant David Bowick, P. Eng. of Blackwell Engineers and with the lighting firm Hilight.

SHIFTboston will be hosting a celebratory event in honor of their submission this January – details will be announced in soon. We want to thank everyone for their participation in the SHIFTboston GLOW Competition and we encourage you to stay connected with: the SHIFTboston blog to find out more about the upcoming GLOW 2012 final event.” …Continue

Khoury Levit Fong is a finalist for GLOW Boston
May 22nd, 2012


KLF is one of three finalist in an international competition for the illumination of Copley Square in Boston, Massachusetts. The international competition, GLOW,  was sponsored bySHIFTboston and Light Boston with the intention of creating “a NEW approach for lighting Copley Square.” The square is one of the most prominent public spaces in the USA.  A second round will lead to the selection of a winner and project construction.

Our design combines a catenary structure with a responsive network of LED lights and area illumination. The combination of physics based investigations into geometry and uses of responsive media reflect ongoing research by el-Khoury and Levit and their firm Khoury Levit Fong.  They were assisted by Lindsay Hochman.

IM Blanky by el-Khoury and Studio NMinusOne featured on Domus
March 6th, 2012


el-Khoury in collaboration with Studio NMinusOne has developed a 7’7″ x 4’2″ blanket composed of a distributed field of 104 soft tilt sensors, embodying simultaneously a physical and digital presence. These soft sensors form the most basic motif: the flower. The flower consists of 6 conductive petals, linked by resistors, and a conductive tassel in the center. The flowers are grouped together into 14 larger configurations or clusters and 2 half clusters. Working as a directional marker, the tassel’s contact with a petal registers a specific orientation or tilt of the blanket. The flowers are arrayed around the circular double power circuit, and their stems plug into a computational hub (Multiplex). The clusters are then linked together, into a larger network of clusters, each relaying the position of its flowers to a microcontroller stitched to the back of the blanket. (Arduino LilyPad)

The distribution of sensors is based on an underlying hexagonal structure. Each flower occupies a hexagonal cell, surrounded by six neighbors. As the software receives directional (N,S,E,W) input from a cell, it is able to reconstruct a slope based on the position of that cell and its immediate neighbors, generating essentially a surface of peaks and valleys. (Processing)

Urban Density Case Studies in the Greater Golden Horseshoe
March 6th, 2012

University of Toronto with support from the Ontario Growth Secretariat, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Government of Ontario has released publications by Robert Levit and George Baird: “Urban Density Case Studies in the Greater Golden Horseshoe” and “Proposals for Intensification of Selected Urban Growth Centres” These documents are available as pdf’s at University of Toronto’s website

Changzhi Planning Exhibition Hall featured on ArchDaily
January 5th, 2012


el-Khoury lectures at universities in China and South Korea
January 5th, 2012

While serving as a visiting critic in Hong Kong for the fall 2011 semester, el- Khoury gave lectures at a number of universites across China and South Korea.

12/11           “From Gadgets to Monuments,” Xi’an Architecture & Technology University, Xi’an, China.

12/11           “Recent Work by KLF”, Saint Joseph University, Macau.

11/11           “KLF: The Four Last Months”, HKU Shanghai Study Center, Shanghai, China.

10/11           “ Recent Work by KLF”, INHA University, Seoul, Korea.

10/11           “Recent Work by KLF”, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.

9/11           “KLF: The Four Last Months”, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Levit lectures at MIT
December 5th, 2011

On December 2, Professor Levit delivered a lecture as a part of MIT School of Architecture’s lecture series.  The lecture also concluded the exhibition of the KLF installation, “Rule”  in the school’s gallery.

KLF Installation “Rule” on exhibit at MIT School of Architecture
December 5th, 2011

MIT "Rule"

KLF finalists in Changzhi Planning Exhibition Hall Competition
December 5th, 2011


KLF Installation “Nature 2.0″ at Harborfront Gallery
December 5th, 2011

Nature 2.0

KLF installation featured in the Summer 2011 Architecture Exhibit, “New City Landscapes” at the Harborfront Gallery in Downtown Toronto. Nature 2.0 illustrates the possibility of new, technological landscapes in the city through the mobilization of responsive technologies.

KLF Launches New Website
June 20th, 2011

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